Data protection
Who is the controller of your data?

Postal address: Av. Josep Tarradellas, 123-127, baixos, 08029 Barcelona
Telephone: 93 495 44 44
Data Protection Officer:

For what purpose will we process your personal data?

The purposes of the processing of the data provided through the different communication channels (paper or electronic forms, telephone calls, e-mails or similar means) available to the Entity are:

Insurance applicant, policyholder and/or insured: Formalization and performance of the insurance contract

The purpose of the processing of the data of the insurance applicant, policyholder and/or insured is the acceptance and execution of the legal insurance relationship and any novation thereof, including the management, assessment and processing of requests, complaints, claims, quality or satisfaction surveys and any other circumstance or service related to the insurance; management of the insurance for statistical, pricing and risk purposes; and, in particular, the maintenance and fulfilment of the healthcare provision granted by the insurance contract.

Person requesting information: Dealing with and processing requests and queries

The purpose of the data processing will be to manage, process and respond to requests, applications, incident reports or queries made by the data subject concerning the products and services offered by any of the Entities belonging to the Assistència Group and related companies, and to carry out subsequent follow-up.

Acceptor of the ancillary purpose:  The performance of marketing and advertising actions

The ancillary purpose of the data processing, if it has been expressly accepted through the different communication channels that have been established, is so that the insurer and/or the companies belonging to its Group or related companies can advertise the services or products and any special offers or promotions related to their activities, which includes profiling in order to offer new products and services. These commercial communications may be made through any channel (including by post, e-mail and/or telephone).

For how long will we store your data?

Your data will be stored:

Insurance applicant, policyholder and/or insured: Throughout the term of the contractual relationship and, subsequently, during the statute-barring term of five years established for personal insurance. The established term may be extended in the event that additional legal obligations have to be met or in order to defend the insurer’s interests. In the event that the contract is not finally formalized, the data will be cancelled in the legally established term, unless the data subject’s express and specific consent has been given for any other purpose.

Person requesting information: The data will be kept for the period necessary to carry out the purpose for which they were obtained or until the data subject objects or revokes his/her consent, and always within the legally established period.

Acceptor of the ancillary purpose: The data will be stored for this ancillary purpose until the data subject objects or revokes his/her consent.

What is the legal basis for the processing of your data?

The legal basis for the data processing is as follows:

Insurance applicant, policyholder and/or insured: Formalization and performance of the health insurance contract and article 99 of Act 20/2015 on the organization, supervision and solvency of insurance and reinsurance entities, as well as the legitimate interest deriving therefrom.

The data requested in the “Insurance Application” are mandatory for the acceptance of the contract: refusal to provide the information would mean that the insurer would not formalize the contract.

Personal data referring to the health of insured persons must be declared in the mandatory “Health Questionnaire” submitted to them for completion, as established in article 10 of Insurance Contract Act 50/1980, of 9 October. Any withholding or inaccuracy of information given by the applicant when completing the “Health Questionnaire” will lead to forfeiture of the right to the guaranteed benefit and may lead to rescission of the insurance contract under the conditions established in the aforesaid article 10 of the Insurance Contract Act.

Person requesting information: Express consent granted previously.

Acceptor of the ancillary purpose: Express consent granted previously.

In all the above cases, where the data provide refer to natural persons other than the signatory, the latter states that he/she has informed such natural persons and has obtained their prior consent to the processing of their data in accordance with the purposes indicated in this clause. In the specific case of minors, the signatory declares that he/she is the father, mother, guardian or legal representative of the minor. Notwithstanding the above, the insurer will make every effort to act appropriately in relation to the processing of such data.

Which recipients will receive your data?

The personal information provided by the applicant and/or policyholder and/or insured can only be accessed by the administrative services of ASISTENCIA SANITARIA COLEGIAL responsible for managing your insurance, as well as by the entities that belong to the Assistència Group and related companies (SCIAS, S.C.C.L.; Autogestió Sanitària, S.C.C.L.; BIOPAT, S.L.; AIALE, S.A.; CIRHAB, S.L.; ANDAIRA, S.L.) to process the data for the same purposes as those indicated above and in accordance with the corporate object of each one of them, for as long as they form part of or remain in the aforesaid Group of companies, including the related companies.

Your personal data will be assigned to the entity Inter Partner Assistance España, SA de Seguros y Reaseguros, as it is the entity that provides Travel Assistance Insurance to the insured of ASISTENCIA SANITARIA COLEGIAL SA DE SEGUROS while the Travel Assistance Insurance contract is in force, or is enforceable.

The controller guarantees the confidentiality of the data and that the data will be processed in accordance with the purpose for which they have been collected. Furthermore, the controller guarantee that, in accordance with applicable legislation, it has taken the necessary technical and organizational measures to prevent alteration, loss, unauthorized processing of or access to the data.

Service providers with whom ASISTENCIA SANITARIA COLEGIAL has a contractual relationship and who have the status of data processors may also have access to personal data.

What are your rights when you provide us with your data?

You are responsible for the veracity and accuracy of the data you provide to us and you have the faculty to revoke the consent provided (in the cases where consent is the legal basis for processing), and you may also exercise the rights of access, rectification, erasure, restriction of processing, portability and objection in respect of your data in accordance with the provisions of data protection legislation. To exercise such rights, you should write to the insurer at  Avinguda Josep Tarradellas, no. 123-127, Barcelona (08029), enclosing a photocopy of your National Identity Document or equivalent identification document.

The data subject is entitled to submit complaints to the Spanish Data Protection Agency (