Frequently asked questions

How many cheques are consumed in a medical consultation?
One check is used for each visit and one for each test (analysis, radiology, etc.).

What must I do to make an appointment with the doctor?
Before going to visit the doctor, make an appointment by phone and check the details of the person seeing you to avoid any mistakes in the service. Don't forget to say you are an Assistència Sanitària insured person when you ask for an appointment.

If I need to use a lot of the organisation's services, will I pay a higher premium?
Having a lot of expenses due to illness will in no case lead to any adjustment to the premium.

What happens if the transaction is not possible via the terminal?
The surgeries have manual cheques, which you will have to sign if the transaction is not possible via the terminal that uses your card's e-cheques. Subsequently, when you next purchase cheques, we shall discount those you have used manually.
Use of this manual method is not limited to medical surgeries, but can also arise in other cases, such as home visits, ambulances, etc.